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Blood Alley - Paso Robles, CA

California State Route 46 is a long stretch of two-lane, east-west highway bordering Paso Robles, CA and extends 22 miles to Cholame, CA.  It is nicknamed

"Blood Alley" by the locals due to the many traffic fatalities that occur on the road. Most of the accidents are head-on collisions.

Blood Alley's generally straight construction tempts people to speed much faster than the posted 55 mph limit. But remember it is a two lane highway and many people will try to pass the truck or car in front of them.

In December 1995, California mandated daytime headlights on SR 46 and installed rumble strips in an attempt to lower the number of collisions.

On April 28, 1999, a family of four from Reedley, CA, met their maker when they collided with a Visalia woman. This accident happened on a Sunday which is usually a day when families are heading home from a visit to the ocean.

On September 30, 1955, 24 year old actor James Dean crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder at the 46/41 intersection and died. Dean's mechanic who was riding in the car survived, as did the farmer who was in the other car. The accident happened at dusk so it is difficult to determine who was at fault.

The old James Dean picture/sign located outside of Blackwells Corner, 27 miles east of Cholame. The new sign is much smaller.



On May 9, 2006, just outside Paso Robles, SR 46 claimed a Melville family of three including the 15-month-old daughter, were returning from a five day vacation at Disneyland in their minivan. They violently collided with a fully loaded produce big rig truck. A pickup truck passed the big rig on the right but hit the rig's front end causing  the rig to veer into the westbound lane where the Melville's were located.

On average, route 46 kills 10-20 people per year.






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